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Business Intelligence Konsulent – Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution that provides insight into your company quickly and easily by visualizing your data. Answer for those who need:

Our Get Started offer is for those who would like to get started with Power BI but don’t currently have the resources for a more customized solution. Maybe you want to start with one business area and get familiar with Power BI first.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

Business Intelligence Konsulent

With our Get Started offer, you can get started at a fixed, low price and with a manageable time horizon. The solution can then be extended to suit your needs and ambitions.

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As part of the Microsoft Power Platform, with Power BI you can get real-time data from Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate, giving you consistent data information.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

With the Microsoft Power Platform, you get an intuitive, collaborative platform of low-code tools that make it easy to build powerful and flexible solutions to meet your business needs. specializes in using the Power Platform to make companies’ data sources become efficient resources, whether through Power Apps, powerful reports in Power BI, or something else. Ask us if you need help with the Power Platform.

Getting started with Power BI is easy. You can do it yourself, or we can help guide you through the process so you can be up and running in just a few days.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

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Contact us if you need help getting started and setting up your first reports.

For example, without leaving Business Central, you can access the Power BI integration of your choice and customize reports that will greatly simplify your business decisions.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

The essence of Microsoft Power BI is that data should be available to everyone in the organization. Therefore, you can provide user access to your employees at all levels, and reports and analysis can be accessed from all devices in a secure environment.

Animér Dine Data Og Få Langt Bedre Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI is constantly evolving and improving, so you get weekly and monthly updates to improve the tool’s capabilities. Everything is in your favor.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

We often run webinars and workshops where you can learn more about how to optimize your use of Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI is one of the world’s best business intelligence and data visualization tools and has earned Microsoft an industry leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant ™ for analytics and business intelligence platforms in March 2022.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

Gode Råd: Få Succes Med Din Bi Løsning

We have over 10 consultants who are experts in Microsoft Power BI and Power Platform. Take a look at our references and see examples of different solutions we have created in collaboration with our customers. Here you can e.g. Learn more about how you can integrate Power BI and Business Central to add value to your organization. They find, analyze and use various data from companies to create good reports that can help companies make the right choices in the future. The data they use can be financial, sales, trends, and more. A business intelligence consultant uses various IT tools that he programs to collect and process data so that it is easy to understand.

– There are plenty to choose from and I was very unsure of what I wanted, but I knew that IT and business were careers on the best path. I wanted to be relevant for years to come and base my choice on that.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

– My day starts by checking an email from a client. It can be an accounting, logistics or IT department. This can be anything from procedures that need to be implemented to reports that need to be updated.

Kort Om Affecto Denmark

Much of the work I do as a BI (Business Intelligence) consultant involves making data available to clients. They may need help with analysis to gain as much insight into the data as possible. Especially at the end of the month, there is a lot of pressure from financial managers who depend on fresh data. Then we should have the right data, preferably no more than an hour, preferably no more than 15 minutes.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

A little later in the day, after I’ve gone through my mail, I can usually sit down and prepare my reports. This means visualizing complex data in a simple way. This often comes from heavy databases, and then my task is to visualize this data for the end user in a simple and understandable way.

– I myself have a bachelor’s degree in e-business, which was very exciting. During the study, we touched on several technical areas, such as ERP, CRM and business intelligence systems, as well as project management and marketing. We also visited Java programming etc, but not in detail. But there are many ways to enter this profession, and many are likely to follow the more technical, code-intensive routes. In programming, you tend to take a more technical route. However, if you take a more general line, you have not closed the door to programming, but in my opinion you have opened several doors to other paths.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

Jobopslag: Cpm/bi Konsulent Med Forretningsforståelse Og Teknisk Indsigt

– This profession is suitable for the vast majority, unless you are an outdoor person who cannot sit in front of a computer for several hours during the day. Then perhaps this industry should be re-evaluated.

– The fact is that I still face new challenges and find myself in situations where I have to leave my own comfort zone. As a consultant, you don’t have a boss following you around all the time, instead you have to be independent, and I like that. One day the manager of the company I was a customer asked if I could teach a course on the Power BI program – and this was the next day. At this point, I didn’t feel very confident in the program. I had a choice: drop out of the course or roll up my sleeves and throw myself into it. I completed the course the next day, which in turn led me to take this course today.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

– In many ways, I think this route is suitable for all types of people because you have so many options. For example, if you prefer to work for yourself, it might be ideal to sit as a programmer. Then you can also be generally interested in technology and data, but not passionate about programming and writing code, but still find your place.

Interview Med Jens Jacobsen, Konsulent I Spar Nord, Aalborg

The link between technology and business has been very interesting to me. It gives me great pleasure to help those who run businesses with data and technology. Obviously, having a technical understanding is important, but my experience is that the way you carry yourself as a person is just as important. It is probably much more important to have a human element in the role of an IT consultant than one might think. Especially to be able to establish a relationship with clients and maintain a contract with the client.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

“There are many opportunities in this profession. You can, for example, become a developer or a technical architect who designs data warehouses and data migrations and figures out what the world of data should look like. Or you can become a project manager, consultant, analyst or data scientist who works with algorithms and complex things to get important data. There are huge opportunities in this industry.

– The annual salary is between DKK 400,000 and DKK 600,000 depending on several factors such as Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

Microsoft Power Bi

Note that this interview is over two years old. There may have been changes in the profession since the interview was published.

– There are plenty to choose from and I was very unsure of what I wanted, but I knew that IT and business were careers on the best path. It is probably much more important to have a human element in the role of an IT consultant than one might think.

Business Intelligence Konsulent

Information and Information Technology An IT and Information Technology professional can apply for many different jobs, depending on the type and subject they choose. ►

Stil De Rigtige Spørgsmål Til Dit Bi Projekt

Computer Science Computer science, also known as computer science, is what lies behind all software, from computer programs, applications and games to complex IT systems, databases, and web portals. ►

Business Intelligence Konsulent

Courses in IT Operations, Security and Network Administration should enable students to plan, design and maintain data systems and data networks. This includes companies that deal with the security, operation, production and development of companies in the field of ICT and related subjects. ►

Engineer An engineer combines science and technology and must provide knowledge about the interaction between technology, the environment and society. In one you can test the theory in practice. ►

Business Intelligence Konsulent

Nextbridge Referansen Innen Business Intelligence

A first civil engineer is equivalent to a five-year Master of Technology degree. So, you can get Civil Engineer title in various fields. ►Every company, large and small, contains an ocean of business-critical data. Data that often resides in different systems or locations and is therefore difficult to compare and view. At the same time, most people are well aware that this data – and especially its overview – is essential to manage and grow your business.

So, business intelligence is for everyone. Large, medium and small companies have to make decisions and manage the company day to day. This is best done in an informed manner. In companies, business intelligence can not only be used by senior managers. The salesman and warehouse worker can too

Business Intelligence Konsulent

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