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Bank Business Intelligence – Banking Transformation Business Intelligence by Lab Advisory Banking Banking Business Intelligence Services Credit Union April 13, 2018

Our previous blog posts looked at the challenges of using business intelligence, or BI, in the insurance industry, and its impact on claims processing. In this article, we will focus our lens on the intelligence of the banking industry.

Bank Business Intelligence

Bank Business Intelligence

Intelligence in the banking industry is defined as the use of software analytics, or SAAS (Software as a Service), to create interactive data visualizations and top-level messages from the end users for financial institutions and financial services companies. Commonly used business intelligence software includes: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Tibco Spotfire, and Domo. Corporate banking applications can be hosted in the cloud and configured to run on dedicated servers for financial services companies with strict data requirements.

Usage Of Business Intelligence In Banking Industry

We’re not surprised that Microsoft Power BI is listed as the best business intelligence software in the industry. This is our choice to go to the laboratory.

Bank Business Intelligence

We first started our business intelligence business using Tableau 5 years ago and found that the learning curve was too high, the cost was too expensive, and the industry was not mature enough to compete with the different steps with features and functions. But, as time passed and there were new announcements of competitive software from the king of software companies (Microsoft), we moved away from Tableau and focused on Power BI as our choice. We have tried many little-known and many local BI companies, but they can’t keep the bank data and will face the battle when users share large business in business intelligence platforms.

Business intelligence provides banks with the flexibility needed to thrive in both business-as-usual and more challenging financial times. Globally, BI systems and software are giving banks insight into their business, their customers, and their future. It can also open the door to efficiency by shining a light on the planning area for pricing, new business, and more.

Bank Business Intelligence

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Financial business intelligence enables users to connect multiple and disparate systems together to display data in interactive dashboards that are often missing. Voluntary communication across platforms. In this research on the business of banking, we will follow the customer’s business and the business’s retail business that is responsible for many products. Home loans, home equity loans, car loans, and credit cards all come under our supervision and they are required to report their monthly income.

Bank Business Intelligence

Now, imagine that all the data for this is in a completely different IT system and must be extracted every time it needs to be reviewed. Completing these bank statements is an important task and takes four people two weeks to complete each month. This is the current situation of many banks trying to achieve business intelligence in banking.

We’re All Ears!

Imagine being able to install a software layer on top of all the separate financial systems and a database that connects them all to enable “live” reporting of all the data. once. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how banking business intelligence works. Although this may seem like the easiest development, a lot of work needs to be done in creating the underlying data before it can work properly.

Bank Business Intelligence

As you can see, financial services are an ideal target for a BI transformation. There is information to analyze, the ability to find … Why, then, many banks struggle to get a return on their business-wise investment? And more importantly, how can banks overcome the current challenges to succeed in BI in banking?

At Lab Consulting, we like to say that we can help you “achieve third quarter business intelligence, using the lowest quarterly data.” What does this mean for the intelligence industry and the banking industry?

Bank Business Intelligence

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Well, when we appear at the bank for business intelligence – and we have done this for many companies, from regional to multi-million – we will see that they have many information at hand. That would be all that was needed, right? However, enterprise business solutions such as Microsoft Power BI or Oracle Business Intelligence can be downloaded from a limited resource, and then allow you to select filters water that you want to see to display good business skills. . You plug in, and get your “aha moment.” right?

Not exactly. As we have said, we will see that banks boast many financial indicators: whether sales, loans, deposits, or financial information. But the devil is in the details: the “bottom-quartile data” we mentioned above. Banks, in general, do not have the ability to calculate in their banking business and see “who or what is doing well at the level, compared to expectations.” Indeed, they will be able to account for things after they happen. They will generate general forecasts and some data validation, but cannot view financial data by region, department, or knowledge-employee level.

Bank Business Intelligence

This is an important type of information in business intelligence. This is the type of BI input that is needed, and we help provide it: Required

What Is Business Intelligence? Bi Definition, Meaning & Example

Like how many eyes per person? How many are sold in one area? Total cost per employee. The total cost to create a loan compared to the profit and spread of the individual. You get the idea.

Bank Business Intelligence

These are some of the most important banking KPIs when talking about BI in banking, and will ultimately benefit the overall value of business intelligence in banking.

We will look at banks that, say, the business segment is more than the stated income. Sounds good, right? But when you package it by region, and break it down into a bank employee, you see a completely different story. For the fourth zone, for example, you may find someone hitting the ball out of the park (and of course, others are better than them, when they are all average). The future lies ahead. And the third and fourth areas will be abandoned – by many. Surprisingly, most banks do not consider these points; We often take the leader and tell them what it means. This is the key to successful business marketing skills and understanding and improving the banking industry.

Bank Business Intelligence

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Often, banks will tell us, “We can do business intelligence ourselves!” Which begs the question: why not them? Why not open to all regions, drill down to data producers in all, and create BI for bank data? Well, it usually turns out that their employee data is in an Excel spreadsheet….which is managed by the same employee! They keep their statistics on their products. Then we have to go in and back out…which is often easier said than done, especially for low performers.

Poor employee performance – whether geographical, functional, or individual – can disrupt the performance of a large organization. And this pull can be difficult to detect, even hidden, when the bank only uses “the medium” to feed its BI system. As we say, “Get business intelligence quarterly, use the lowest quarterly data.” Otherwise, you can’t see the importance of the intelligence of the banking industry.

Bank Business Intelligence

Here’s the secret: When we ask a bank to give us its data so we can use business intelligence to create dashboards, we only

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And then when you see “it”, “it” is not what you expect. And in general, it is not applicable to BI in banking.

Bank Business Intelligence

Often, we will be able to scramble the data. We may find records where the employee is listed as “John Smith.” Still another names the same employer as “J. Smith,” and a third calls him “Smith, John.” A person can identify the same employee. Databases, unfortunately, cannot. Therefore, data needs to be cleaned to be effective for BI in business.

It’s getting worse. When the bank outsources the creation of its important information to the IT team alone, with insufficient control, you will find information with unknown characters like “47ABG9”. That in itself is confusing. But what if “47ABG9” is the name of A

Bank Business Intelligence

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The information? This means that the entire column is invalid. And the longer the line, the greater the damage to the business intelligence project.

Defined as an analytical tool that combines multiple banking data sets across multiple systems, a banking dashboard is an important part of business intelligence in banking. If you get (rich, structured) data to crash, they can track and display everything from business processes to financial performance to performance indicators. important work, as in the three examples below.

Bank Business Intelligence

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are specific measures of your business’s performance. The ability to view them allows you to track your organization’s current and historical performance. This allows you to use predictive analytics to see your future performance, for some reason.

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Business Intelligence in Business

Bank Business Intelligence

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