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Business Intelligence Cos’è – During the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), COS launched its first cyber challenge: “Operation Kernel 3.0”. A complete demonstration of its digital transformation, which concerns both its equipment and its operating methods. Here’s an update on the little “revolution” that has rocked the Shadow Warriors.

“Operation Kernel 3.0”. It’s the name of a new, somewhat special IT challenge. It’s an unusual digital treasure hunt. It is designed, manufactured and operated by Special Operations Command (COS) specialists. It is the original method for this unit, whose motto is “

Business Intelligence Cos’è

Business Intelligence Cos'è

“, to gradually engage the general public on the 30th anniversary of its creation, in 1992, at the end of the first Gulf War. The unit promises its operators parachute jumps to win. This tailor-made digital puzzle-solving course is was presented at the International Cyber ​​​​​​Security Forum, where 180 players gathered to take on the challenge of EC2 – the “European Cyber ​​​​​​Cup”, the first eSports competition dedicated to ethical hacking.

Inside The Battle To Be The Next Sephora

The date chosen is a coincidence. With this game, COS does not hide that it wants to do a double job, as its sponsor, Commander Julien, who has joined the FIC, explained to us. Experienced cyber security specialist at the Naval Academy, ANSSI and NATO, the officer now coordinates the integration of the cyber dimension into operations and its digital transformation:

Business Intelligence Cos'è

“This challenge is designed to promote what Special Forces (“SF”) can do in the field and test the level of players on technical skills we are interested in, such as information encryption and decryption (cryptography), obtaining of information from open sources on the Internet (“Osint”) or even from the analysis of computer code (reverse engineering)”

During the FIC, director Julien’s team carefully explored the exhibition, looking for rare youth profiles and innovative tools. For its day-to-day needs, COS has many preferences of sovereign encryption systems or software that can connect different communication networks. In general, she is interested in all technological constructions that can accelerate and improve the effectiveness of three aspects of her work: threat assessment, decision making and action. Like all special units, the COS seeks to improve its intelligence techniques in cyberspace and to optimize the representation in the PC of complex and evolving tactical situations or effects that it wants to produce, both in the field and in the now full cyberspace. – Play the drama of war. This is evidenced by the violent digital confrontation between Russians and Ukrainians, despite the relatives of Western observers in this matter. And there is a constant concern for one’s digital security.

Business Intelligence Cos'è

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The digital revolution has had a profound impact on COS. An important turning point occurred in 2018, with the creation of its “Cyber” department and the launch of “active defense” operations in cyber, according to the doctrine of the army, the important part of former minister Florence Parly revealed firsthand how they were adopted. Since then, COS has continued to grow in power in this new area of ​​conflict. Currently, it is explained internally, the Internet operation completes the entire operating cycle of SF. As regards the intelligence sector, which feeds this supply chain, the COS differs from other special departments, which operate mainly on the national territory. It often involves men in what is considered a hostile landscape to install sensors that enable digital retrieval or penetration of digital networks. This involves considerable physical risks. On the other hand, digital technology is now everywhere. Without it, there is no question of including the information contained in the various media (images, satellite images, websites, telephones). It is also impossible to sort, analyze and reference this data at lightning speed to make it speak for itself and draw an identity and portrait of a possible target.

COS also plays a role of pioneer and incubator in the digital field, as “flexible, responsive and innovative”. One team is responsible for observing the technology and testing the innovation on a comprehensive basis. Another has developed its own algorithms dedicated to analyzing data for intelligence and targeting purposes. Others can assemble the building blocks to create an information system suitable for any theater of operations. As technology developed rapidly and demand increased, the COS and SF, who remained a small community (about 4,000 men), drew mainly on their outside expertise. Commander Julien explained: “

Business Intelligence Cos'è

We may bring in experts we don’t have in our ranks, depending on the needs of the operation or current interest. We appeal to the military’s cyberwarriors, who are closest and easiest to use, as well as environmentalists and the ecosystem of private sector capabilities.”

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In the field, as the most realistic footage shows, operators are systematically equipped with sensors (GPS beacons, radios, etc.) that allow them to locate themselves geographically and report their progress in real time to headquarters. For the additional layers, they explained inside, the equipment also depends on the type of engagement and the terrain. For example, it is out of the question to use a smartphone if the risk of being caught is high. Here too the keyword is

Business Intelligence Cos'è

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In Canada, the Empire Group, owner of Sobeys, suffered a cyber attack that paralyzed prescription processing.

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Under the guise of a ransom, Dutch police and cybersecurity firm Responders recovered 155 decryption keys from cybercriminal group DeadBolt.

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Business Intelligence Cos'è

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