Business Intelligence Professional

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Business intelligence (BI) analysts play an important role in any business, working to harness data and translate it into insights for the company so that informed decisions can be made. We spoke to two of our own business intelligence consultants to hear about their experiences working in BI and what they’ve learned along the way.

Business Intelligence Professional

Business Intelligence Professional

A business intelligence analyst is responsible for helping businesses leverage data and identify opportunities for improvement, spot trends, as well as potential problems and propose solutions. Their work aims to improve efficiency, increase productivity and increase profitability for the business.

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Traditionally, to become a business intelligence analyst, you first need a bachelor’s degree in a related subject; For example, this profession could be in information systems, computer science, or data science. After this you need to get proper qualification and experience before starting your career.

Business Intelligence Professional

However, at FDM, we offer you the opportunity to start your career as a BI analyst without the need for any prior work experience or necessarily a technical degree. Our business intelligence graduate program is open to all graduates with a passion for IT. FDM will provide you with specialist training, providing you with all the skills you need, followed by a two-year work placement as a business intelligence consultant with one of our renowned clients.

Have you ever wondered what business intelligence professionals do? Meet two of our FDM consultants who share their experience on the site and tell us how their careers have developed since training in the FDM Business Intelligence Graduate Program.

Business Intelligence Professional

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Kieran: My current role at the site is Business Intelligence Developer and I’m part of a three-person developer team. My main duties include reporting especially with PowerBI and SSRS. My daily activities include project work, report generation and maintenance and understanding user requirements. To do this, I need to communicate with business users about our data warehouse and identify how we can use it to meet their reporting needs. Additionally, my role also includes some business analysis work, which has helped broaden my skill set even more.

Izhan: I am currently working as a business analyst at a global bank as part of their ‘Finance on the Cloud’ program and my role focuses on compliance testing. I am responsible for ensuring that the data transferred to the cloud is consistent with the proper authorities and I also manage some dashboards.

Business Intelligence Professional

Kieran: My role requires me to work on different projects every day and engage with stakeholders in different roles and departments, which I really enjoy. I am currently trying to implement this technology in my role running a company PowerBI training for users and feel great about having this responsibility. I have been given time to focus on my professional development and take charge of my future.

Business Intelligence Business Analyst Resume Sample

Izhan: A big part of my role is to work closely with the development team in India. My favorite job is connecting with different teams around the world and talking to new and inspiring people on a daily basis.

Business Intelligence Professional

Kieran: I have recently been involved in a project that focuses on implementing a new system to support engineers and everyone working on site during our planned summer outage. We are working under a tight deadline and on top of that, one of our team members who was critical to this project is making our job more difficult. As a team, we had to adapt quickly and divide the work among ourselves. However, despite the challenges, we will be able to start the system in time to start the outage work.

Izhan: The biggest challenge for me was starting this role when I was away from home during the pandemic. The new virtual onboarding process was a new experience for the customer and me. However, good communication, regular video calls with the rest of the team and being supported by my colleagues helped me overcome this challenge.

Business Intelligence Professional

Job Vacancy: Business Intelligence Analyst

Kieran: I completed my undergraduate degree in Geology and was interested in working with a client in the energy sector. Researching the field and specifically the organizations long-term goals helped me during the interview process and allowed me to secure a role with the right company.

Izhan: I studied Financial Economics at City, University of London. Although I had no prior experience in BI, I was always interested in pursuing a career in this field, as it would allow me to combine the data and analytical skills I learned at university with my passion for IT.

Business Intelligence Professional

Kieran: The Professional Skills module at FDM Academy was extremely useful as it reinforced skills I had previously learned throughout university such as communication and presentation skills. It also showed me how important it is to be and show confidence. FDM also gave me the opportunity to be interviewed by large companies, which are usually very difficult for recent graduates to access.

A Day In The Life Of A Business Intelligence Analyst

Izhan: The training helped me understand the professional field. It honed my teamwork skills and gave me the hands-on experience in technology necessary to secure my current role.

Business Intelligence Professional

Kieran: My number one top tip is to develop a deep understanding of your field and apply yourself to become a subject matter expert. It can be difficult at first, but also super rewarding, as it will undoubtedly set you up for a successful career. Another tip is to be yourself during the interview process. Your future employer is looking for someone to add a dynamic to their team, so relax and be yourself.

Izhaan: Stay updated with the latest trends in technology. In the world we live in, technology often informs other fields, especially within finance. Looking at technology from another perspective helps us understand how we can use IT to achieve great things.

Business Intelligence Professional

How Long Does It Take To Become A Business Intelligence Analyst?

If you’re interested in starting a career as a business intelligence analyst, check out the FDM Graduate Business Intelligence Program to learn more. Find your new career to venture into your career universities with graduation

Business intelligence analysts use data to help businesses make decisions. Once you have the necessary skills, there are many opportunities for you to become one.

Business Intelligence Professional

A business intelligence analyst, also known as a BI analyst, uses data and other information to help organizations make sound business decisions.

Business Intelligence Analyst Cover Letter

Although the exact job description may vary, the role of a business intelligence analyst can be roughly divided into three parts:

Business Intelligence Professional

According to data from Glassdoor [1] as of June 2021, the average salary for a business intelligence analyst in the US is $84,635. Compare with similar roles.

Business intelligence analysts may begin their careers in analytical roles such as data analyst. They may move into business intelligence consultants, business intelligence architects, managers or other senior positions.

Business Intelligence Professional

Business Intelligence (bi) Resume: 2022 Guide With 10+ Examples

Business analysts, not to be confused with BI analysts, also analyze information to make recommendations to improve the business. But whereas BI analysts deal directly with data to find insights, business analysts typically deal with practical applications of those insights.

Professional certification or online courses: A professional certificate or course is a good way to build essential skills, such as familiarity with data analysis or Power BI. Often requiring no previous related experience, certificates or online courses can provide the flexibility you need to learn a new field without disrupting your life. The University of Colorado offers a data warehouse business intelligence specialization that can teach you the essentials of business intelligence analysis.

Business Intelligence Professional

If you have two or more years of experience in computer information systems, data modeling, systems analysis, or a related field, you can also become a Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP).

Business Intelligence Analyst Test

Read through the list of SQL and database certificates. You may also consider Google’s Professional Certificate in Data Analytics.

Business Intelligence Professional

Bachelor’s degree: A bachelor’s degree can give you both the technical and critical thinking skills you need to be a BI analyst. Focus your studies in a quantitative field such as finance, mathematics or data science.

Master’s degree: A master’s degree can land you in a business intelligence analyst role, depending on your previous experience and education. It is better to decide which field is best for your Master’s based on your past experience.

Business Intelligence Professional

What Is Needed To Become A Business Intelligence Analyst?

If you have worked in business for several years and need a strong background in data, a Master in Data Science may suit your needs. If you have a solid understanding of data analytics but need better business understanding, an MBA program with a focus on business analytics may be what you’re looking for.

Business intelligence analysts use their critical thinking skills and quantitative abilities to help businesses improve and thrive. Data serves an increasingly important role

Business Intelligence Professional

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