Diplomado Business Intelligence

Diplomado Business Intelligence – The technical diploma in Big Data and Business Analytics focuses on the development of technical and professional skills related to the identification, processing, analysis and use of large volumes of data through information technology for strategic decision-making.

In today’s market, companies that intend to be more competitive must have as part of their strategies a competitive advantage in the information they store, to then transform this information into data and subsequently into knowledge. Consequently, business intelligence professionals are increasingly in demand due to the exponential growth of digital transformation, big data and data analytics.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Knowledge of Data Analytics facilitates data analysis (Big Data) to examine, organize, change and transform data to extract useful information and provide conclusions to support decision making. By implementing data analytics in any sector and any company, they can be better equipped to make strategic and management decisions that will improve operational efficiency and business model.

Diplomado En Inteligencia De Negocios

The program is intended for professionals with management positions, directors, headquarters, university professors, researchers, assistants from various fields: business administration, trade, finance, banking, marketing, logistics, systems, public administration, law, health, education or people. related to the subject of the diploma. Who needs a deep understanding of data analysis and business intelligence to create tactics and strategies that can be applied in their companies and/or workplace.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to: identify, collect, transform, analyze, process and interpret data to develop successful strategies in the context of specific business objectives.

The teaching of this course will take place through theoretical and practical classes, or virtually, depending on the offer and programming of the Continuing Education Center or the request of our customers.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Diplomado Excel Y Power Bi (business Intelligence)

Secure your registration and place by paying. More information in the payment methods tab.

Deposits or transfers can be made to the following UPEC accounts: At Banco Pacífico, you can make transfers and deposits.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Send on WhatsApp: 0961967489 / 0962155861 a screenshot of the transfer or deposit with two names and surnames of the participant.

Diplomado En Big Data & Ciencia De Datos

Assessment of assignments and practicals, end-of-course assessment exam and course approval, including topics developed in different classes. Informed decision-making is the result of you know how to read and analyze data well; This is exactly the difference that will allow you to stand out among modern professionals. With this online Power BI degree, you’ll learn the latest techniques to analyze statistical data and interpret it in the best possible way, helping you make the right decisions in any organization.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

With the online degree EAFIT Business Intelligence with Power BI, you will learn to analyze and interpret data, get the most out of BI tools and become the most professional in making business decisions.

Conceptualizes the participant in the context of business intelligence from a functional and digital transformation perspective.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Diplomado En Management Analytics

Manage the delivery of results, metrics, findings and reports more effectively. Use the Power BI tool by combining the features available for use in Microsoft Office 365.

Because you’ll enjoy the digital resources created to apply what you’ve learned.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Because we help you find the inspiration you’re looking for to improve your life project, just as we have for generations.

Programa Internacional En Data Science For Business Intelligence (enae Business School Upsa)

Because you will belong to a group of honest professionals who join the company with the recognition of over 60 years of experience in the education sector.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

These are digital representations of achievements, knowledge or skills combined with a verified description of the specific knowledge or skills to be acquired. The academic program is designed to enable participants to master the fundamentals and keys of business intelligence, its proper use and application in an average professional, learn about the most relevant trends in the field of business analysis, the future of the discipline and its most relevant use today, with a focus on the strategic management of organizations.

Professionals from various fields of business, engineering and technology who want to enter or are entering the world of using data to make strategic decisions in organizations.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Estudia Inteligencia De Negocios Bi

Develop professionals who understand the various stages of business intelligence, its further uses and current trends in the discipline.

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Diplomado Business Intelligence

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Diplomado: Business Intelligence Con Power Bi

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Diplomado Business Intelligence

You’ve probably heard that data is the new oil. And that is that in the new digital ecosystem, everyone who owns information has a treasure.

Knowledge of these platforms can make the difference between success and failure of any business or departmental strategy. What’s new is good? That these are tools that any struggling professional, if properly trained, can learn to work profitably with.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Webinar ¿cómo Hacer Carrera En Business Intelligence & Big Data?

That’s why we decided to launch this Diploma in Business Analytics and Data Science with Power BI and Excel, which will introduce two of the most popular Microsoft tools on the market: Power BI and Excel.

In addition, in this degree the participant will work in practice and through workshops to master the platforms and be able from the beginning to obtain relevant information and add value to their organization by visualizing, analyzing and interpreting data.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Provide knowledge of processes and technologies designed to optimize and improve business performance, with a particular focus on Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Diplomado Para Modelamiento Y Análisis De Datos

Prepare yourself for the challenges of the Big Data phenomenon, its fundamentals, related technologies, and the ideal way companies can approach Big Data projects.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Understand all the possibilities and benefits of data management and analysis for companies.

Professionals and managers from various industries who have to make decisions in companies and institutions by analyzing large volumes of information.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

To Bi Or Not To Bi (jaime Miranda)

The course is aimed at members of any department of the organization, starting from scratch and bringing the student to a high level of knowledge of the two main tools of the degree.

Person: Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Torre la Primera, 15th floor, Campo Alegre, in front of Lido Shopping Center, Chacao, Caracas

Diplomado Business Intelligence

If you want the full program and investment amount, you should click on the following link: Degree Information.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

2.- The participant must fulfill the requirement to pass the diploma to attend at least 80% of the course hours, to carry out additional educational activities intended for some modules and to evaluate the efficiency of the teachers and professors within the modules dictated by them.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

3. The participant pays the administrative costs of the Central University of Venezuela, which include the diplomas, the signatures of the university management, the act of delivery and other costs, the amount that will be indicated at the time of receiving the diploma.

4.- Any modification or suspension of the quota by the participant or the requesting company must be governed by the following withdrawal rules:

Diplomado Business Intelligence

Diplomado En Business Analytics Para La Gestión

5.- The participant must bring his personal laptop for graduation activities with Excel version at least 2016.

Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Torre la Primera, 15th floor, office 8, Campo Alegre, in front of Lido Shopping Center, Chacao, Caracas.

Diplomado Business Intelligence

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