Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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SAP BW Interview Questions, these questions will give a detailed overview of some of the types of questions you may want to prepare for the interview.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) provides tools and functionality that enable organizations to achieve process optimization, enabling the enterprise to quickly adapt to business needs. SAP BW gives you advanced functionality to help with translation

Essential Business Intelligence Interview Questions And Answers [2023]

Here are the 50 best SAP BW Exam Questions and Answers. Q 1. What is the difference between star schema and Extended star schema?

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans.In star schema, we have truth tables and dimensions but in extended star schema we have not only a truth table but also a text around each dimension which has proprietary information.

Ans. There are more than 16 parameters, 3 are predefined which are time, unit and demand, 13 are user defined parameters. There should be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16 dimensions in a cube.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

You Have To Cross A Bridge: Overview Sap Bw Bridge

Ans. Send one data protocol to another data protocol. “My personal data mart” feeds the data itself. ALE is used to transfer data. it is possible

Cube contains 1 billion records. we can store less data in the mini cube which works faster to increase the performance

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans. In Aggregate there are two ways to reduce characters and not reduce key figures

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Ans.Calculated key figures are used to perform complex calculations, percentages … … Important for work rate based on BEx and BEx documents.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans.If you are creating a sales report for the specified product you can have good ideas for the properties using different attributes then you will specify the variable product 0

Ans.We use this if you want to filter the main image or review based on top 10 customers with more than 10 million sales.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Sap Fico Latest Interview Questions

When we collect the ID request, the data is transferred to the E table. Table E is a folding table, this saves space.

If you use prime numbers in a cube, the cube should be compressed to improve performance.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Q 17. What is required in BW system to load data from database?

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Q 18. How many data sources are there in just one record in SAP BW?

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Q 20. What is UD connection in SAP BW system? How is it allowed to publish in the BI/BW system?

Ans.Universal data UD connection allows one to access data connections and multiple resources and transfer data in Flat file format. When the UD connector is used, it converts multi-format files to Flat format. UD uses the JE connector to allow publishing of SAP and NON SAP data.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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Ans.DB connection is used to identify other database connections in addition to the default connection and these connections are used to transfer data into the BI/BW system through tables or methods. look

Q 22. When loading data from flat file. How will this read in the BI load when different objects are used inconsistently?

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans.If using different delimiters in CSV file, the delimiters are not read as characters and both are placed in one field and will be truncated because the fields first bit is not in correct order.

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Ans. The flow of data in BW is from transaction to analysis. Transaction data should be copied to BW and linked to the source data and updated accordingly.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans.It is a table partitioning method for media optimization. SAP uses accurate data distribution to improve performance. Table partitioning helps to run reports faster than data stored in partitions.

Ans.This is used to load new data into Infocube Aggregates. If we don’t do a collection then the new data cube data will not be available when displaying the collection.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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Ans. The start time for each Data packet is run after the data is written to the PSA and before code changes are processed. It allows for counting numbers for prime numbers. It has no return value, its purpose is to complete the previous calculations and store them in the global database. All packet data in the variable is used as a parameter to the routine.

It is determined on the specified points. As the initial time, It is independent of the data, we can use it to determine the global data.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans.Yes, you can double click on group information package, then click on maintenance process and enter name and description.

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Ans.Yes, when you want to share features or proprietary information, you can do it as Provider Information.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans. These are significant costs that are not recorded against sales, such as overhead and inventory. They are always displayed relative to a point in time, here is our time reference.

Ans.An Info set is a data source that provides information by combining various ODS data and master data.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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The configuration file can also be used to match the variable file to the main file. Combine cubes and master data. The configuration file can contain data from your cube and properties from the main file.

Ans. If the cube has more data to create aggregates on, then we can create less data that can be more useful.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans. This means how the data is displayed in the query definition screen or when the query is executed. The options are from the output data from the main data, from the main data from the data dimension, let’s assume you have a total of 100 elements. in your main point, there are 10 elements in the cube and in BEx you run the query for the following 2 elements showing different information.

Sap Tm Interview Questions And Answers

Ans.Amount /Quantity is always related to units, for example, sales will be related to profit and inventory will be related to quantity of units. In your design, if you don’t need units then you should use numbers or numbers to be more efficient.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans.This option is used to update data based on time, for example if source has week and target day. Information is distributed daily

Ans. Use as many metrics as possible to improve performance, for example, imagine you have 100 products and 200 customers

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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Option 2: Create custom criteria for products (100 rows) and one for customers (200 rows). Total marks in both dimensions will be 300

We divide the number of features into two dimensions, it will be better to process.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans. If the size of the cube is the same as the size of the fact table, you specify the size as an array of dimensions, for example if the property of one dimension is 100 and 100 The main number in the particular dimension of the Fact table is called the Array. object dimension.

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Ans.Non-cumulative cubes that do not use time, Non-cumulative cubes are stored using the current time symbol. A symbol is nothing but a symbol that represents a period of time, for example a stock cube can represent the level of a stock as of yesterday.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans.It is independent of the permissions associated with the objects checked in the data cube

Ans.Info object is created in the Info object catalog. It is possible to transfer the Information item to another information catalog.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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This will take you to an Excel sheet where click the start button it will analyze the GUI configuration and fix or reset it if you find any errors.

SAP ERP created the SAP Business Warehouse. It works with the help of BI tools. SAP BW helps in analyzing various types of data to get a comprehensive understanding of the business. SAP BW has security tools that ensure that data is only exposed at high levels with valid credentials, and important organizational data is always protected. . Data Warehousing Workbench is the central tool for work related to Data Warehousing.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

SAP BW is a good start for your career because SAP has a big business in BI/BW. Therefore, people with expertise in this field are always in great demand. SAP BW is a data warehousing tool and you can create data reports for reporting purposes. You can collect data from multiple systems and share it in one report. These reports help the decision makers of organizations in making important decisions.

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Ans.Rationale: These answers set the tone of the interview, they want to know how you will react to uncomfortable questions. It is open-ended and shows what is important to you.

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

Ans. As a newbie, I am a fast learner, so far I only have detailed knowledge, this opportunity will change as they practice. Given the opportunity, I will do my best.

Ans. For your product to be profitable, you need to be profitable. I will try to finish my work during the working day

Sap Business Intelligence Interview Questions

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