Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities – SAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of Software as a Service (SaaS) that redefines analytics in the cloud by providing all analytics capabilities for all users in a single product. It is built natively on the SAP HANA cloud platform for extreme performance and enables customers to easily access a new public cloud experience they can trust.

SAP Analytics Cloud combines business intelligence, forecasting, planning, and digital boardroom capabilities to analyze all the data across your landscape, on-premises or in the cloud.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a public software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables access to cloud and on-premises data sources. In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud offers live connection (online) and data acquisition connection (batch), two ways to access your data wherever it is in your information system environment:

Sap Analytics Cloud Training Plan For Organization Employees

Most of our customers want to get all the benefits of such a hybrid architecture. This document is intended to help you by explaining connectivity, collecting all the necessary links, and providing tips and tricks, best practices, and caveats experienced by our customers and partners.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

To get all the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud mentioned above, you must first connect your cloud or on-premises data sources. SAP Analytics Cloud is a public cloud software as a service that you want to connect to your secure back-end. Next, configuring the connection requires people in different areas of expertise in your organization to ensure a smooth and controlled deployment:

This guide provides an overview and detailed guidelines for administrators on how to connect SAP Analytics Cloud to your data.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

How To Create Users In Sap Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud configuration, such as data source configuration, SAC SAML 2 configuration, user and role management, connection configuration

So project management is an imperative task because connectivity setup is not a one person project to be successful. The scenarios follow a rigorous process in which various actors must be involved and contribute their own experience in their respective areas of responsibility.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Connecting SaaS applications to on-premises applications first requires a deep understanding of the big picture of the architecture. Therefore, before beginning any configuration, we strongly recommend hosting an architecture workshop to align all necessary stakeholders identified in time and scope to make the configuration fast and smooth.

An Overview Of Sap Analytics Cloud Smart Assist And Smart Predict Services

Before you start, please read the System Requirements and Technical Requirements document carefully and check if your environment supports your version and connection types.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Most of our customers wonder what type of connection they should configure based on their own needs. It has some best practices, but also some limitations that should govern the client’s choice.

All data (whatever source is selected) is ‘uploaded’ (replicated) to the SAP Analytics Cloud in-memory HANA database. SAP Analytics Cloud stores models and data. Security can be added to the model within SAP Analytics Cloud. Both the analytical and planning models generate an account type model.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Sap Unveils New Services In Sap Hana Cloud

All data resides on SAP Cloud Platform or SAP S4/HANA Cloud. The data is not replicated to SAP Analytics Cloud. Modeling and model security are managed in resource systems. Data connectivity between systems is ensured within the SAP cloud platform.

All data resides in the remote scenario (client). The data is not replicated to SAP Analytics Cloud. Modeling and model security are managed in resource systems.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

With Direct Connect, the data stays on your back-end. Since the customer wants to maintain full control of data privacy, direct connection is the best option.

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Data acquisition involves data replication in the SAP Analytics Cloud HANA database. However, the data is encrypted and completely secure. See for more information on security measures and certifications in SAP Data Center.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

With a direct connection, the data volume is processed in your back-end system. There is no theoretical limit. The query is executed in the back-end system. The query should limit the volume returned to the web browser by applying a suitable input or aggregation control.

Check the official documentation for possible recent updates. Look in the documentation for “System Sizing, Tuning, and Limits.”

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Sap Customer Center Of Excellence For Azure

SAP Analytics Cloud provides the business logic and builds the queries needed to view your data in your browser. Your browser sends those queries, through a reverse proxy, down or through a direct direct connection to a local database. The results of those queries are returned to the browser, where any graph is rendered. If your query were a list of earnings by customer, none of that information would be returned to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Throughout the process, the browser actually interacts through a reverse proxy or direct direct connection (CORS), which sends requests to SAP Analytics Cloud or a remote data source, depending on the path of each request.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Metadata and just metadata. SAP Analytics Cloud stores queries to create stories, measure names, column names, filter values, etc. Basically, the metadata allows query reconstruction. But any actual data, query result, or part of the result, such as the total. The metadata is transferred to the browser and encrypted in memory.

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SSO ends with SAML 2. For the order, both SAP Analytics Cloud and the on-premises data source must be configured to trust the same identity provider, such as your SAP Cloud Identity or your Active Directory using ADFS (Active Directory Federation). services). This means that the data protection applied to the source data will always be respected for each request.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

All communications between the browser and SAP Analytics Cloud are always encrypted. Local communications from your reverse proxy to backend data sources must also be encrypted using TLS. All data and metadata in SAP Analytics Cloud is also fully encrypted.

SAP Information Access Service (InA) is an HTTP REST-based protocol used by SAP Analytics Cloud to query its data sources in real time. This component is part of all supported back-ends as follows:

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Sap S/4hana Embedded Analytics

Required with SAP HANA 1.0 SPS10/11/12 – Revision 102.2 or SAP HANA Information Access Service (INA) version 4.10.0 or higher.

SAP HANA 2.0 SP01 or newer on-premises, with the SAP HANA EPMMDS plugin installed on your SAP HANA 2.0 system. SAP Note 2456225 and SAP Note 2444261 provide additional configuration information

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP4 system installed. The SAP BOE Live Data Connection component .war file is deployed to your application server

Exploring The Visualisation Of Sap Data Using Microsoft Power Bi

Same origin policy is an important concept in the web application security model. According to the policy, the web browser allows the scripts contained in the first web page to access the data of the second web page, but only if both web pages have the same origin. This is an important security mechanism to isolate potentially malicious documents.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

In a live connection, the browser must access SAP Analytics Cloud for metadata and back-end data sources (HANA, BW, S4/HANA, or Universe). SAP Analytics Cloud then offers two ways to enable cross-sharing of resources that are accessed from the same web page in the browser:

Via CORS (recommended): Cross-origin resource sharing is a mechanism that allows restricted resources on a web page to be requested from another domain outside of the domain from which the resource was first served. A web page can freely embed cross-origin web pages, images, style sheets, scripts, iframes, and videos.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Sap Analytics Cloud Connectivity Setup For Hana Database

In this example, the back-end checks the authorization and assigns it only to the URI Note that the domain used in this example is ‘’, which was the original top-level domain. New customers will be assigned to the top-level domain. So HTTP/SSL is mandatory with a valid certificate between the browser and the back-end to prevent any malicious intrusion.

To allow web-based applications to send HTTP(S) requests to multi-tenant database containers through the SAP HANA XS server, the internal SAP Web Dispatcher must be configured to know which database to send requests to based on DNS, also known as a virtual host. names To do this, specify the public URL of each tenant database in the xsengine.ini configuration file. Check if the virtual hostnames used in the SAP Internal Web Dispatcher are declared in the customer’s domain name services. It will be very useful to generate SSL certificate in PSE management (mandatory configuration for direct connection with CORS).

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

SAP Analytics Cloud is compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome. Google constantly releases updates to its Chrome browser. We do our best to fully test and support the latest versions when they are released.

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Also, the Google Chrome browser can be used to troubleshoot your live connection. Chrome Developer Tools is a set of web building and debugging tools built into Google Chrome. DevTools gives web developers deep access inside the browser and its web application. Then feel free to familiarize yourself with and use the DevTools to efficiently track down issues.

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

You can especially use the Network panel to get a chart showing the timeline of resources being claimed. At a glance, such a network panel tells you the total number of requests, the amount of data transfer, the content and headers of requests and responses, load time, errors, warnings, etc.

4.9 SAP Analytics Cloud Live Connection Configuring Direct Live HANA and BW Connection for Live Data Connection Further Reading for SSL Certificate html Introduction to Direct Live HANA Connections to SAP Analytics Cloud – By Dong Pan /03/29/introducing-direct-live-hana-connections-in-sap-businessobjects-cloud/ Enabling Direct Connect Basic Authentication Enabling Direct Connect for Live Data Connections with SSODirect Live HANA Connections in Internet Scenario CORS (Web Dispatcher) For direct data connections with

Sap Analytics Cloud Roles And Responsibilities

Challenges In Connecting Sac To Sap Ips

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