Herramienta Business Intelligence

Herramienta Business Intelligence – In the digital age, the speed of adapting to change and responding almost instantaneously to new customer needs and habits allows companies to take advantage of marketing opportunities. To achieve this, decision makers must have effective information that enables them to use it for business development.

In this article, we will explain what Business Intelligence is, why it is so important, and what the most popular business intelligence tools are.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Herramienta Business Intelligence

It is called business intelligence, business intelligence or BI (from English for business) to the methods and tools that transform the company’s data into environmental knowledge and facilitate business decision-making.

Descubre Las Herramientas Business Intelligence

The main goal of Business Intelligence is to sort the company’s data – from the market, from customers, competitors, suppliers and even from its employees, and use it so that it becomes data ready for analysis and allows identification. challenges, risks and opportunities for the company. In short, BI serves to help decision makers use the information generated for the benefit of business development.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

BI is used in the decision-making process by multi-industry companies of all sizes, from small retail stores to large multinational corporations. In the article “Business Intelligence and Solutions”, Ryan Mulcahy talks about the use of business intelligence in large companies with specific examples. In Toyota’s case, the company found that it paid its airlines twice in 2000, a total of $812,000.

Examples like Toyota Toyota and their development of the ability to know the environment, even within it, justify the prosperity of business intelligence tools in all areas of business.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Herramientas De Business Intelligence 2021

Now that we know the impact of data analytics on business growth, we need to decide where to get it from. In the case of BI, data sources are a data collection point with potentially useful information for a business. Here we highlight a few:

Marketing, sales and procurement: customer data, user behavior on social media, data from companies’ digital channels, satisfaction surveys, service factors, market research, etc.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Production and operations: Results of quality control and audits, factors related to productivity, transport operations, etc.

Top 15 Herramientas Business Intelligence (bi) Para Empresas

Despite the existence of a variety of business intelligence tools, some free and others paid, three main categories can be distinguished according to their function:

Herramienta Business Intelligence

These basic data management tools allow everything from editing to converting and transferring data to a specific system.

They collect and evaluate new information (Data Mining, Data Mining) and apply predictive analytics to it to predict the future.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

La Jerarquía En El Business Intelligence

Once collected and processed, the information can be viewed graphically and intuitively, thus checking whether certain KPIs have been met or not, or generating reports.

This tool is completely free. You just need to have a Google account to use it. There is a cost to connect to some data sources or data sources, but here is a list of sources we have free access to:

Herramienta Business Intelligence

It is an ERP system that allows marketers, developers or analysts to make quick decisions. One of its main attractions is the ability to transform data into highly visual graphics and share them. In addition to Microsoft services, Power BI offers other standard interfaces:

Business Intelligence Con Power Bi

For the 11th year in a row, Qlik is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for business intelligence and analytics systems, offering a wide range of capabilities and customized application architecture. It can be tried for free.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

It is a free online platform for studying visual data and sharing it with the public. Despite being free, it has very few limitations and allows you to manage the entire layout without incurring any costs to users.

It is one of the most known and used BI tools in the world. Integration is easy, it allows you to view and analyze any page statistics and can also integrate with other tools like Search Console.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Ventajas Del Business Intelligence Para Las Empresas

Business intelligence can help any company predict changes in the market, identify breakdowns in its business processes or problems that have led to the dissatisfaction of a satisfied customer. Next, we will outline some specific aspects that can be improved thanks to the use of BI.

Business Intelligence is the best partner in sales, business and marketing. The collection of data at every point of communication serves to improve processes and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

In the process of acquiring customers, we can use a telecommunications company as an example. BI can help them predict customer churn to predict when the subscription will be canceled and align it with more efforts to attract new customers that reduce churn.

Uso De Herramientas De Business Intelligence Para La Toma De Decisiones Estratégicas En Firmas De Abogados

In addition, knowing the habits of the target group and existing customers helps us adapt the offer to their expectations. For example, the instant discovery required by a new digital customer leads us to find and integrate simple technology solutions that are 100% online, like the One-Shot company.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Some of the largest restaurant chains use BI to determine which new dishes to add to their menu, which to remove, and which underperforming stores to close.

They also rely on BI to negotiate with food suppliers and identify opportunities to improve inefficient processes, such as replacing paper signature processes with electronic signature solutions for contracts with employees, suppliers and any other type of document. save time.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Los 4 Pasos En Los Proyectos De Business Intelligence

In the personnel field, it is necessary that some documents are signed by employees in a timely manner. Thanks to BI, you can know who has signed, who hasn’t and create reports that help optimize processes.

In addition, if your company integrates electronic signatures, you can speed up the process, reduce time and increase the speed of employee signatures.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

As you can see, there are many practical applications of business intelligence that help business growth. To successfully implement business intelligence, companies must implement the right tools and then combine them with flexible and convenient technology solutions to quickly respond to market changes, such as electronic signatures.

Dashboards De Business Intelligence O Inteligencia De Negocio

5 reasons for SME failure and how to avoid it Authorized electronic signature: when is it necessary to use it?

Herramienta Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence is a combination of factors, methodologies and tools that have revolutionized the way we receive and process information within our company.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Webinar: Herramientas De Business Intelligence Con Excel Y Power Bi

In this article, you will learn what it is and how it works within the economic sector we live in today.

A set of methodologies, tools, and processes by which a company seeks to collect, process, and analyze data that can then be used as a basis for decision-making, action, and the creation of robust strategies.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

But why is data so important? Well, because they are quantitative expressions of the various factors that we usually take into account when measuring our goals.

Diapositivas De Presentación De Powerpoint Del Kit De Herramientas De Transformación De Business Intelligence

It has an objective view of the factors that affect the success of our company or the success we achieve during our progress.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Already with the appearance of the first computer and data storage systems, DSS or

It is a system that gathers information and various sources to improve decision making.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

Breve Historia Del Business Intelligence: Origen Y EvoluciÓn

After that, the EIS or Executive Information System is obtained, where the goal is to study the status of the variables or different factors that affect a specific area of ​​the company, with information obtained both within the same company and from outside. .

And soon, already into the 21st century, its digitization, including in the equation of the digital world and the use of the Internet as a fundamental support for obtaining information and data.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

In the middle of the last decade, big data took off, taking the use of both structured and unstructured data to a massive level, transforming all aspects and variables within a company, both external and internal, in a certain way. , on the date

Inteligencia De Negocios Business Intelligence (bi) Una Herramienta Para Tomar Decisiones.

Now that you have a better understanding of what BI is and how it has changed over time, I will briefly discuss the benefits.

Herramienta Business Intelligence

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