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Sap In Business Intelligence – SAP BI 4.3 / SAP BI 4.3 SP1: What’s New in Web Intelligence and the Semantic Layer (cumulative version)

This article is a combination of two other articles focused on SAP BI 4.3 and SAP BI 4.3 SP1. It is intended for you if you are not yet familiar with SAP BI 4.3 and prefer to discover it directly with the first toolkit. It summarizes the new features in SAP BI 4.3 SP1 for Web Intelligence and Semantic Layer compared to SAP BI 4.2:

Sap In Business Intelligence

Sap In Business Intelligence

New, simplified and refreshed user interfaces for BI Launch Pad and Web Intelligence were released in SAP BI 4.2 SP4 and improved in subsequent toolkits (see here ). These new interfaces, based on SAP FIORI and HTML5, came to complement the classic interfaces, as they were not the same:

Sap Businessobjects Bi Software

A new milestone was reached with the release of SAP BI 4.3. The main missing features have been implemented; making the classic BI Launch Pad and the DHTML and Java Web Intelligence clients obsolete. Only the new FIORI-based interface is released in SAP BI 4.3. No more HTML, Java flavors or Java Rich Clients, a single experience common to web and desktop access!

Sap In Business Intelligence

Users who have not tried the new version of FIORI released in SAP BI 4.2 may need to do some change management to get used to the new interface. But this is balanced by:

You can perform a full fresh installation of SAP BI 4.3 SP1 or upgrade a previous SAP BI 4.x system. In both cases, you need a new 4.3 license, which you can download from the SAP Support website.

Sap In Business Intelligence

Sap Business Intelligence/business Warehouse Implementation & End User

Once installed and deployed, you can connect to the BI Launch Pad via its login page, which defaults to http:// :/BOE/BI

Finally, the Applications section contains tiles that you can click to launch the appropriate application hosted on the BI Launch Pad.

Sap In Business Intelligence

You can specify the order of tiles displayed in the top row and application rows on the home page of the SAP BI Launch Pad:

How To Become Sap Business Intelligence Developer?

A new page will open where you can drag and drop these tiles to rearrange them in these two rows. Click Done to save your changes and return to the home page. Tiles are displayed based on your selections.

Sap In Business Intelligence

On the SAP BI Launch Pad home page, click the Folders or Categories tiles to browse your repository by folders or categories.

When you browse folders or categories, you can view their contents as a list (the default) or as tiles. Click the Tile View button (

Sap In Business Intelligence

Sap Analytics Cloud Training: Business Intelligence Tool To Learn

) toolbar to display the contents of a folder (or category) by tiles. To return to the previous view, click the List View button (

When the new BI Launch Pad was released in SAP BI 4.2 SP4, it was possible to schedule documents but not to distribute them via publications. In SAP BI 4.3, this missing capability was implemented in the BI Launchpad and offers the same options as in SAP BI 4.2.

Sap In Business Intelligence

On the New Publication page, enter publication parameters. These parameters are organized into sections that are displayed in two tabs. Depending on the document type, some parameters will only appear when the source documents are added to the publication.

Intro To Sap Business Process Intelligence

To navigate more easily among the possible parameters, you can click on the following tabs and select a section in the corresponding menus:

Sap In Business Intelligence

You can still organize a document in SAP BI 4.3. To ensure the same look and feel as the New Publication page, the Schedule page has been modified.

On the BI Launch Pad home page, click the Instances tile to see an overview of all the schedules and publications you’re running and their status. At the top of this example schedule page, you’ll find controls to filter this list by date, status, scheduled item type, or just by name.

Sap In Business Intelligence

Road Map Business Intelligence Businessobjects Suite Webcast Recap

To display cases, you can switch between list view and calendar view by selecting the Calendar button on the toolbar.

In both views, in the context menu you can find different actions related to the schedule or instance: View, Run now, Reschedule, Delete … You can open this menu:

Sap In Business Intelligence

Mode offers a simpler interface where users can easily view, refresh and export documents. It offers some interactivity and analysis capabilities with input controls, connecting elements, drilling or track changes. In SAP BI 4.3 this is

Sap Business Intelligence Resume Samples

The mode interface is similar to the FIORI-based Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer interface released as SAP BI 4.2 SP4.

Sap In Business Intelligence

When exporting to a CSV file, you can select the character you want to use as a column separator. By default, the Column Separator drop-down list contains a comma, semicolon, and tab, but you can enter any character in this text box.

The filter bar is the only place where you can see and, where possible, change the filters and input controls that affect your document’s dataset.

Sap In Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (bi)

Click an input control to change its values ​​using a list, multiple lists (check boxes), slider, spinner… depending on the choice of the document designer. For a list and a list with multiple lists, the search text box can be used to find only values ​​that match the search string.

For a group of input controls, click the group and select the input controls you want to add. The order in which you select the input controls determines the path of the filter,

Sap In Business Intelligence

Input controls based on constant variables hold a value for the entire document and are displayed as a document input control.

Sap Businessobjects Business Intelligence 4.2 Sp04—coming Soon!

If the window is too small to display the entire content of the filter bar, arrows are displayed on its edges to allow you to scroll.

Sap In Business Intelligence

Mode, you can move from one report to another by clicking on the appropriate tabs shown below the toolbars.

You can use the disappearing toolbar at the bottom of the page to navigate the report. This toolbar appears when you move your cursor to the bottom of the page and disappears after a few seconds of inactivity. This toolbar contains the following commands:

Sap In Business Intelligence

Sap Business Analytics V2

Mode, a single button is displayed on the toolbar that you can use to show the main side panel or not.

Way. Completing FIORI convergence (Request 209030). This mode is streamlined to improve the productivity of report designers by allowing them to complete tasks faster.

Sap In Business Intelligence

The toolbar contains only general commands that apply to the entire document. These commands should be familiar and reorganized for easier and faster access (Request 107473).

What Are Business Intelligence Tools And The Types Of Business Intelligence Software In 2022

Mode, you can also manage input controls and a group of input controls via the Manage Input Controls button (

Sap In Business Intelligence

When you create a group of input controls, that group is automatically added to the filter bar with all the input controls it contains (the Add all ICs to filter path checkbox is selected by default). You can remove them from the filter path later.

Another way to edit the properties of an input control is to first click the input control in the filter bar, then click the Settings icon (

Sap In Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Tools For Sap Business One

In the formula bar, you can enter a value or formula into a cell. This formula editor supports auto-completion: while you type a formula, the menu suggests objects, functions, or operators that match the letters you typed (Requests 236699 and 241647). You can select the one you want to use by clicking on it or using the arrow keys and pressing [Enter].

In the document, you access the report by clicking on the appropriate tab under the main toolbar and the filter bar.

Sap In Business Intelligence

) next to the report name to open a menu with commands to add a new report, duplicate, delete, rename, or move the selected report.

What Is Sap Bi? Introduction To Business Intelligence Module

Clipboard URL to this report. Feel free to copy and share this URL, which you can use to open this report directly.

Sap In Business Intelligence

Right-clicking on an item in the report canvas opens a context menu with the same commands as in SAP BI 4.2.

Mode, the mobile toolbar is no longer displayed (Application 251210). Its commands (Forward, Send Back, Hide When Empty, Sort, Add Break, Delete, …) have been added to the right-click context menu if they weren’t already there.

Sap In Business Intelligence

Sap Analytics Business Intelligence Statement Of Direction

There are two buttons on the right side of the toolbar, one for the main side panel and one for the Build side panel (

These buttons can be used to open and close the Main and Build side panels independently; giving you flexibility in choosing what to display. For example, to get more space for your document on the screen, you can close all the side panels or open only one of the side panels.

Sap In Business Intelligence

These side panels are organized into tabs. The main side panel contains the following tabs, the organization of which reminds you of SAP BI 4.2:

Sap Business Objects Edge Bi: The Best Of Business Intelligence

This second side panel replaces the modal dialogs (Assign, Flip To, Format, Breaks, Sort…) available in previous releases. It contains all the properties previously exposed in modal dialogs. Depending on the category, these properties are displayed on one of these two tabs:

Sap In Business Intelligence

This new side panel is one of the major improvements to document authoring workflows. It is contextual and the properties shown depend on your choice. When you select an item, it automatically displays the corresponding properties.

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