Free Business Intelligence Course

Free Business Intelligence Course – The only course you need to start your career as a data professional! Learn to master Excel’s built-in power tools, including Power Query, Power Pivot Tables, Data Modeling, DAX formula language, and more. Become a Business Intelligence Analyst and get hired in 2022.

Course Overview We guarantee this is the best and most up-to-date Excel for Business Intelligence bootcamp you can find. You will learn to conduct professional and engaging analyzes with Excel using advanced ‘power’ tools built into Excel such as Power Query, Power Pivot Tables and DAX style language. You’ll create a complete business intelligence solution for your fancy surf shop, where you can create dozens of powerful KPIs that provide deep insight into business performance. Finally, you’ll have the skills to get hired as a Business Intelligence Analyst in 2022!

Free Business Intelligence Course

Free Business Intelligence Course

Why Learn Excel for Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence, commonly referred to as “BI”, is one of the fastest growing and most challenging areas in technology. BI is a broad term that includes data extraction, data analysis, KPIs (key performance indicators) and performance measurement using descriptive analysis.

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Meanwhile, Excel is one of the most powerful applications ever made, with a massive and vastly underrated feature set. It has the horsepower and versatility to play a key role in anyone’s toolbox.

Free Business Intelligence Course

Together? Well, that’s where you can make the magic happen. And that magic is what this Business Intelligence with Excel Bootcamp teaches.

In contrast, Excel’s built-in tools – such as Power Query for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations, an Excel data model for managing relational data (e.g. stored in a relational database) and data analysis for advanced DAX-like language – are available in Microsoft’s flagship business intelligence tool, Power BI. are similar to those found.

Free Business Intelligence Course

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And Excel’s extensive set of charting and visualization tools, considered one of its many powerful features, can translate the results of any data analysis into a visually compelling and meaningful presentation for your colleagues and your boss.

Instead, you’ll learn everything from the basics of business intelligence to the most advanced features Excel has to offer. All in one lesson.

Free Business Intelligence Course

By signing up today, you can join our exclusive live online community room to learn with thousands of students, alumni, advisors, TAs and teachers.

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Best of all, you’ll learn from an industry expert with real-world experience working as a Data Solutions Engineer on massive data sets for some of the largest companies.

Free Business Intelligence Course

This is what the From Scratch to Teacher course covers: The curriculum is presented in basic building blocks so you can build your knowledge step by step.

We’ll start from the basics by teaching you the basics before quickly moving on to more advanced topics.

Free Business Intelligence Course

Business Intelligence Course Outline

Here are the details of the module: 1. POWER QUERY – A feature-packed yet easy-to-use tool (“ETL” for short) to extract data from any imaginable source into Excel. From text files to databases, wherever the data you want to analyze can be stored, you can use Power Query to bring it into Excel and transform it however you want to support your analysis.

2. POWER PIVOT TABLES AND THE EXCEL DATA MODEL – Introducing one of our favorite Excel components.

Free Business Intelligence Course

A PivotTable is a table of grouped values ​​that divides the individual elements of a large table into one or more different categories (such as totals, averages, or other statistics). Values. But wait, where is the power?

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You convert your PivotTables to “Power” PivotTables by connecting them to an Excel data model, from the relational database that resides in Excel. The Excel data model lets you combine and analyze multiple data sets into a single PivotTable without the need for VLOOKUPS.

Free Business Intelligence Course

And unlike how Excel starts to explode when you try to play more than a few hundred thousand rows, Power Pivot lets you process up to a hundred million records in a single Excel file! Now that’s power!

3. DAX PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE – Learn my favorite subject from scratch to advanced: DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), a powerful programming language built right into Excel.

Free Business Intelligence Course

Free Microsoft Business Intelligence Training

DAX allows you to embed complex dynamic calculations called “metrics” in PivotTables. It can be better described as “Excel formulas on steroids”.

Does it sound complicated? It shouldn’t be. Since the basics of DAX syntax are easy to understand if you’re already familiar with Excel formulas, the course covers advanced topics like Time Intelligence, Iterator Functions, and Variables (yes, variables in Excel formulas!).

Free Business Intelligence Course

That’s right, we’re going to break it down step by step so you can learn how powerful the DAX programming language is and how to master its magic.

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4. Data Visualization – From Conditional Formatting to PivotCharts – Learn to tell your data using many powerful visualization techniques that turn calculations into data that turn real-world decisions.

Free Business Intelligence Course

As humans, we’re often visual learners—we can’t just look at a spreadsheet of numbers, we have to visualize the signal to separate it from the noise. Here you’ll learn how to do just that so you can tell a compelling story with your data that influences the way you (and your client or boss!) make decisions.

Long considered one of Excel’s most powerful features, Excel’s extensive suite of charting and visualization tools can translate the results of any data analysis into a visually compelling and meaningful presentation for you. Even James Bond used data visualization to help inform his reports!

Free Business Intelligence Course

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5. Dynamic Dashboards Using Slicers and Timelines – Additionally, you will learn techniques for creating dynamic dashboards in Excel using Slicers and Timelines to not only filter charts but also change the parameters displayed on them. Analytics and data science news for the week of January 20? Updates from Power BI, Qlik, SAS software and more

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Free Business Intelligence Course

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Free Business Intelligence Course

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Free Business Intelligence Course

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Free Business Intelligence Course

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