Business Intelligence Startups

Business Intelligence Startups – Interested in new technological developments in the marine industry? Explore our analysis of 191 global intelligence startups and large companies impacting shipping and find out how their solutions can drive your business!

Startups like the examples in this report focus on artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, market intelligence, and green transportation. All these technologies play an important role in the development of the oceans, but they represent only the tip of the iceberg. This time, you’ll get to know five business intelligence startups that are impacting maritime companies.

Business Intelligence Startups

Business Intelligence Startups

The Global Startup heat map below shows the geographic distribution of the 191 startups and large companies analyzed in this study. Furthermore, we highlight five hand-picked maritime startups based on scouting criteria such as year of founding, location, funding raised, and more. You’ll explore these five startups and their solutions to scale in this report. Contact us to learn about our other 186 maritime business intelligence solutions.

Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (ai) Powered Startups Based In Austria

German startup TrueOcean is creating a cloud-based marine data platform. Its processing tools automatically check the quality of uploaded data, such as distance between data points, distribution analysis, extra area, etc. The platform visualizes measurements as point clouds and processes hydrographic data using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms. Furthermore, it facilitates digital collaboration in demanding projects by working with marine sensor data. In this way, the startup powers the blue economy by empowering maritime companies to efficiently collaborate, acquire and process large distributed geodata.

Business Intelligence Startups

, is a powerful industrial computer that integrates on-board data from various data sources. It then regularly feeds the data to the startup’s online analytics platform.

Instantly map the fleet, automatically detect port calls and channel crossings, monitor fuel consumption and report anomalies. These tools collect relevant data reliably and efficiently while reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Business Intelligence Startups

Predictive Analytics Startups To Build Growth Machine

US startup FreightFlows provides data on the ocean freight market. The startup uses data analytics to predict ship availability and ship route activity. It also provides an information platform for finding, collecting and analyzing current market data. These insights allow clients to trade with confidence in the futures market, reduce trading risk and protect against fluctuations in freight rates. In addition, the startup provides transparency and predictability in trading activity and helps in risk management.

Singapore startup Smart Ship Hub offers ship performance analytics. The startup uses predictive analytics to diagnose machine health problems. Its mobile application provides an analytical visualization of the performance data collected from the tanks. Furthermore, the startup’s AI-based platform provides remote control of the vessel through vehicle data, video feeds and historical data. As a result, the startup enables ship owners to monitor fuel consumption, predict breakdowns, measure ship performance, improve safety and reduce costs.

Business Intelligence Startups

, uses ship data to visualize and understand a ship’s environmental footprint. It also includes fleet performance assessment, crew and vessel comparisons, KPI extraction and fuel forecasting. Furthermore, the platform allows stakeholders to share information and support decision-making on emissions reduction. It helps shipping and energy companies decarbonize their maritime operations.

Startups To Watch: The Startups That Caught Our Eye In October 2021

Being ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That’s why we bring you innovative data-driven insights into the marine industry. This data-driven analytical insight comes from Big Data and the discovery platform StartUs Insights, which covers more than 2,500,000 startups and scales worldwide.

Business Intelligence Startups

The platform gives you a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies and allows you to search for relevant startups in a specific field with a few clicks. Let’s take a look at your areas of interest to learn more about marine technology. For a comprehensive overview, download our free Innovation Report to save time and improve strategic decision-making.

Curious about what shipbuilding trends and startups will soon impact your business? Explore our in-depth industry research of 1,617 shipbuilding startups and expansions, and gain key insights into technology solutions in our Shipbuilding Innovation Map!

Business Intelligence Startups

Growing Artificial Intelligence Startups You Need To Know About

Interested in new technological developments in the marine industry? Explore our analysis of 77 global blockchain startups impacting the maritime industry and find out how their solutions can grow your business!

Interested in new technological developments in the marine industry? Explore our analysis of 275 global shipping management startups and large companies to see how their solutions can impact your business!

Business Intelligence Startups

Interested in new technological developments in the marine industry? Explore our analysis of 144 global startups and large companies to see how their cloud computing solutions can impact your business!

Startup Tips: Emotional Intelligence In Business And Outsourcing

Check out startups, major breakthroughs, and disruptive technologies to find out what will impact your business in the future! We all like to consider life’s big questions while driving. It makes us great thinkers and bad drivers.

Business Intelligence Startups

Entrepreneurs and scientists are the rock stars of this century. Artificial intelligence is developing all over the world and in Europe. WTF in this wave? and OMG, we want to see how Europe lags behind while others claim to be the world leader. Contrary to popular belief, we would like to argue that the main drivers of AI and machine learning technologies are startups, not corporations. Therefore, governments and regulators should think about startups first. Startups re-think what we think is normal or even possible, and often defy our imaginations if not prohibited by regulations. Hear our commitment to understanding AI through startups.

What should governments know about AI startups, and what should startup founders ask when talking to regulators?

Business Intelligence Startups

Business Intelligence (bi) For Startups

Europe is in the deep tech driver’s seat and is home to a number of AI startups. Investment in AI ranked #1 in terms of transaction volume and number of deals, making AI a key vertical for EU startups. European technology organization Atomico makes a compelling case. However, not everyone knows that Europe can get a bigger piece of the AI ​​pie, which is worth more than 15 trillion dollars. We have the talent, companies and knowledge to succeed. But how can a European regulatory framework help companies instead of driving them?

The political debate around artificial intelligence is still unfocused, dominated by naysayers, alarmists and hardliners, as the innovation commissioner recently revealed. AI should bring about a change in perspective, perhaps a paradigm shift. First, let’s explain what artificial intelligence is, rather than falling into the anthropomorphic science fiction logic of killing robots. We need to determine exactly where we stand between arithmetic and the singularity. Second, AI cannot be considered without a “think first, start” approach. As we show, startups are where most AI starts. Thirdly, we as Commissioner Moedas want to avoid dishonesty and tell the real story.

Business Intelligence Startups

The concept and definition of artificial intelligence has always been fluid. As John McCarthy said in the 1950s, “When it started, no one called it artificial intelligence.” In the early 2000s, systems for analyzing data and finding patterns were called text and data mining (TDM).

Startups In The Business Intelligence Industry

The closest we can get to the category is to consider specific, general, and super artificial intelligence. Sophisticated artificial intelligence is where we are today, a system that only learns how to perform a specific task. This happens when playing slots, recognizing languages ​​or predicting sales. Worrying about artificial intelligence today is like “fighting the overpopulation of Mars,” as Andrew Ng puts it.

Business Intelligence Startups

Policymakers should focus on AI today, rather than what the future may or may not look like. Today’s most popular AI applications are not “intelligent” but enhance human intelligence to help make decisions and make predictions. In recent history, the automation of machines in the 80s and 90s showed that dishwashers, washing machines and floor machines can perform some tasks that humans perform, but in a different way than duplicating human processes.

Today’s examples revolve around traffic management, spell checking, recommendations and data analysis. Again, Siri? AI is not some fairy dust that sprinkles the cluster and turns data into gold. It is one of the tools in the hands of developers to create services or products. It may be less exciting than talking about copies of Blade Runner, but facts and evidence make a better basis for the law. For everything we don’t know, we need to maintain a healthy amount of flexibility within the law. For all we know, we should ask if it’s broken before trying to fix it.

Business Intelligence Startups

Is It Possible To Apply Business Intelligence Analytics To The Study Of Business Activities Of Innovative Startups?

One of the most common and frequently mentioned trends in today’s digital economy is that large companies control the market with all their information. It is a fact that most technologies are acquired by startups. The number of mergers and acquisitions around AI is increasing, from two in the 1st quarter of 2012 to 37 in the 1st quarter of 2017. It should be noted that startups bought by large companies only benefit the entire global ecosystem. entrepreneurs who enter into contracts. It is likely that they will spend the rest of their lives on the island sipping cocktails. Entrepreneurs are more likely to reinvest capital and expertise in other startups. This also applies to co-founders and original employees. With new money for investors,

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